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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


It's no ordinary "Hump Day" there seems to be a tangible sexual vibe in the air, doesn't there?

Inanna transported my already smutty thoughts with her post today. Sex lives were the focus of a talk at work today and, frankly, after a week of no action - I am a bit...needy.

EH and I have exchanged a few looks and touches, so I know that my chances are good. Poor EH, I've been flirted with, danced with, neglected and now the mood I am in is going to require some serious stamina from him!

Work is still hectic, but we made it home early again. I might even have a moment to discuss it! My department is humming along and with issues company-wide, my department is the only one that is set up and operating smoothly. My staff works as a team and we spend a whole day laughing and helping each other. I'm so proud...

The office is really volatile. Want a run-down?

How about the new Ops Officer who is inspirational, but still waging her battles to get the entire office on board? The forms Ops Mgr who is secretly power-playing behind her back and trying to draw sides? The QC employee who complains non-stop and keeps criticizing me behind my back out of some bizarre jealousy (I'm putting a stop to that shit first thing in the morning)? The unhappily married Playboy (my dance partner) who is toying with the young and naive girl (a friend of mine) and playing with fire?

There are some fascinating dynamics keeping the place from being dull - but the weird thing is that it works. Somehow, the chemistry is nearly perfect and we all really do get on well. We spend time together at work and we make plans to see each other after as well. It's awesome. The few miserable people don't drag us down, they just sit sadly out of the fun and each day take a step closer to their own demise.

But enough about work. I am going to get off this blog and then get off with my very sexy husband. I plan to give, give, give and then I am going to take all he can muster.

I miss the days of describing it to you in great detail...we'll see if I can get a few minutes to tell you alllllllllll about it.

In the meantime....thank you all for being you. For reading, for commenting, for linking - everything. It feels so special to have your attention for a minute or two!

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