The Odd Wife

Saturday, July 30, 2005


A weekend has never been so welcomed as this one.

After a grueling week of working, we capped the week with a night out with our co-workers for a bit. There's a dive bar that the group likes to frequent on Friday nights and we joined in the fun. Played pool, watched karaoke, threw back a few cocktails and chattered on.

I brought out the tarot cards and flashed them at my extremely religious co-workers, having already confessed to being Pagan to them, and became Madame Odd Wife as I read one person after another. Without a clue, I deadnailed every reading. For some bizarre reason, I read better after a few cocktails. I think it suppresses my inhibitions and allows me to trust my instincts more.

I freaked my boss out with back to back dead accurate reads and made a grown man sob openly as I related his life to him. I tapped into a withdrawn co-worker's pain and by night's end, no one was going to doubt that I had something with my deck of cards. I left that night knowing there was a new side of me revealed to them and felt good about it.

And EH serenaded me at karaoke - something completely out of character for him! He sang Blink 182's "I Miss You" to me. We love it because even as a 'dark' song, it seems to represent so many facets of 'us'. Especially the "we can live like Jack and Sally" line (from Nightmare Before Christmas).

Today finds us running out for a few outfits for back-to-school bound SG and later tonight we regroup with our co-workers for Laser Tag. I feel good.

Our landlady's daughters have emptied her place out with an Estate Sale today and I admit to breaking into tears as I watched the items carted off. A trinket we had bought her for Christmas, a memento she had loved, her furniture - - - I never expected I would miss that old lady, but I do. A chapter of our life is ending, even as a new one begins.

Money is not a problem for the first time...well, ever. EH and I are both doing great and have no time to spend it. We'll be searching for a new place to live as quickly as possible. Both of us feel strongly that the future holds good things for us.

The feeling in the air is tangible.

The things that were our life are changing and fading into the past. We're still finding the future and I believe it will be great. With change though, always comes chance and I can't help wonder at so many new dimensions to our life. I admit it worries me just a touch, even as I enjoy the ride.

We're becoming something new and I can only pray it will not change "us" to a point of losing the magical rhythm we have shared together for so long.

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