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Sunday, July 31, 2005

And Something Else New

Finally the dust has settled next door and our Landlady's family has collected or sold off most of her possessions. One good thing was when our curious daughter went next door yesterday to look in on the action and she pointed out that amongst the trinkets they had for sale were some items we had given as presents over the years. The daughters made a point of removing those so they could bring them up to her in the home where she is now ensconced. Now both her place and the efficiency next to it are barren. TOW was surprised by how sad she felt towards the reality of her absence, and today we came back from dinner to see darkened windows and a small parking lot now looming large with only our car occupying a space. Not all is morose around here though, as we found a good thing as well.

Our weekend has been a relaxing one, something we both needed. Friday night was spent at some dive of a bar with workmates. Think of MOE'S from The Simpsons, lacking some of the charm. This hole was where I first met the crowd, and our boss, a few weeks back. Numerous times I had people apologizing about the place ahead of time but it wasn't required. I have always held an enjoyment for those dank bins where our social underbelly creeps in for alcoholic sanctuary. Not all the time mind you, but occasionally nothing is more fun than a dive bar. (Proper frame of mind is required.) The LAZERQUEST game was fun, save for the moment I nearly paralyzed myself. I was creeping along a wall watching point when some urchin came racing in front of me, so I threw myself back against the wall to avoid getting shot--except there was no longer a wall behind me. I fell straight back, landing square on my tailbone. So there I lay, in the dark, for a few minutes, barely able to move. And rather than try helping myself I'm prostrate with my gun drawn trying to keep from getting shot. Every so often today I'll move and wince from my broke ass.

Last night we had a torrid time with The Odd One once again wishing us a long night of passion. At least it went longer than the previous. We have found that one sure way to have her explode is when she goes down on me she will also employ her favorite toy at the same time. I always love it when she has an orgasm, hard as it may be sometimes, but even so last night she climaxed rather quickly. Then when she climbs atop with a body in full ardor it never takes me long after that.

Tonight we managed to continue the fun. In the 4+ years we have lived here the two of us have never had the chance to make love outside. A busy downtown area and a main road make for little privacy, and our courtyard, while offering some fenced protection, was always risky because of tenants. We once tried earlier this year and even as we creeped out at 2:00 am we still caused our neighbor to stir. Tonight though it was different. TOW implied it would be something of a quick round of fellacio, but before too long we were both naked and romping in the dark. Privacy has its rewards.

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