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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Moving Ahead...

I can't help feeling as if EH and are in a state of perpetual motion these days. You already know how hard we are working - but the changes go deeper than that. Some small, some large...

First of all, loving apologies to my darling husband. He asked me tonight if I needed some "alone time" (having read my post from the other day about it). The thing with EH is that I always know that I only have to ask and he'll be happy to give me space. It's another reason he is my rock.

We're now the only people living in our building, as I said, and it's now a countdown to see how long until they ask us to leave as well. It could be tomorrow, it could be months from now. Either way, a move is in our future, isn't it?

My husband comes home from work now by my side. He's dressed in sharp, sexy office attire as opposed to the days of dirty t-shirts and ragged shorts from his labor-intensive jobs. He's doing dishes at this moment and I can't help but admire this man. You see, not only is he wonderful, caring and loving but he's damned hot too...

Was it really last year that we underwent so many troubles? It seems a million years ago. For all the hopes, well wishes and threats from nasty slime balls to "move on", I finally did it in my own good time. You see, you can't rush, push (or threaten) someone to move on. It happened when I was left alone to deal with it in my own good time. It wasn't in counseling, grieving or lashing out - it was just in peace. I finally have moved on, which is wonderful, but I will always carry the scars of the experience.

The future looks bright. My office is kicking ass, EH and I are earning decent money together, my boss calls me at night just "to talk" - keeping me in the loop! - life is moving in a good direction.

What a far, all good ones. I look forward to each and every day now but not NEARLY as much as I look forward to tomorrow! It's FRIDAY!!!! Damn, I need a Friday!!!

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