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Thursday, August 04, 2005

You're Just Too Good To Be True...

...can't take my eyes off of you!

I've had a hard time taking my eyes off of my husband today. Sure, we're been together for a dozen years. Sure, we've been married nearly ten. Sure, I work by his side and see him at every waking moment...

But still...

His eyes, his face, his body. I still feel like this is the most stunningly handsome man I have ever seen. The most incredible man I've ever been near. The most wonderful man I've know. And it's more than looks - he has the personality to boot.

He makes me laugh, makes me feel safe. He watches over me. He makes sure I am taken care of. He loves me. I love him back.

How do you measure the incredible moments you share with another person? How does so much time pass without diminishing what we feel? How can I still marvel at a future with a man I've shared a lengthy past with? More than 1/3 of my life has been spent with EH and I can only think how sad 2/3 were lost without him. Granted, we needed a childhood, right?

In talks over the years, we've laughed at the millions of times we were so close as children. Growing up in the same neighborhood, him 6 years my senior. Times he worked at places frequented by my friends and I. Mutual friends. So many times we were so close to one another and never met.

Would we have known then? Would there have been some sign, some instant of recognition? Ahhhh, there you are...

It's a curiousity, but of no matter. He's here now. Whatever missed opportunities lay behind us, we have a lifetime together ahead and I can't help but relish and savor the knowledge that I found my soul mate. I found that one person who strikes a chord in my core. I found him.

Ahhhh, there you are

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