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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This is how the heart swings...

Have you ever played The Sims? You have to expand your social circle to move ahead in your career and it becomes nearly impossible to mange so many friends. A few days without calling and you loose one or two.

I think this game is actually semi-reminiscent of true to life relationships. They require work. You have to keep feeding the energy and maintain communications.

It's easy to let the energy lapse. A few hard days of work and EH and I find ourselves moving about on auto-pilot and neglecting our relationship energy. Rather than notice it, we both begin to get crabby and snappish with each other. I feel ignored, he feels frustrated.

Once upon a time, the crazy pace of our lives led to this auto-pilot place. Rather than address it, we blamed each other silently. We grew increasingly distant until I found myself staring down at his sleeping profile and feeling like he was a stranger. When the walls between you grow to great heights, sometimes they are impossible to break down again. Our walls were pretty high. What luck we had a true explosion that blew them down.

You know how that all turned out.

Even having learned the incredibly valuable lessons we have been bestowed with, the pattern is an easy one to fall towards. This weekend found us sharing a bit of distance and snappyness. The difference now is we recognize it, make it a point to spend time together and it fades away in the afterglow of our love.

The moral of the story is that even the strongest loves are essentially fragile. They are capable of suffering under the slightest of strains. You have to remember to nourish and cherish the feelings between you.

Last night, I signed off in hopes of hot sex. I ran up to the shower and washed quickly. I was just finishing when EH joined me. Eager to get to the bedroom, I leapt out of the shower and he grumbled about my rush. He was looking forward to some soapy water play. I emerged from the bathroom to discover our bedroom already darkened and illuminated in the glow of 10 or so candles about the room. On his bedside table was an array of our favorite lotions and potions and playthings.

I was completely seduced. It was such a small effort on his part to let me know he wanted me and it hit the mark. I went to sleep with a beaming smile on my face snuggled close to my incredible husband.

Nourish and cherish. Don't let more than a few days pass without showing your spouse how much you love/admire/respect/desire/adore them.

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