The Odd Wife

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Darkness of Us

EH and I managed to get together yesterday with S&M to enjoy "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory". I was dazzled by Tim Burton's latest greatest and kept whispering to EH, "It's so beautiful!"

Both of us are fantastic Burton fans (as you know from The Nightmare Before Christmas posts) and we're eagerly awaiting The Corpse Bride this September.

It's another part of our connection that we both get the dark beauty of Burton's work. EH and I are so different, him laid back and a bit conservative and me living life like an ongoing Broadway show, but we come together on certain art, Burton, lounge and tiki styles and retro music appreciation.

I have been getting a bit pouty with such a harried schedule not leaving room for sex. No sex this weekend actually hurt my feelings. Today in the office, I was bent over my boss's desk and EH walked and stood behind me just so. I later asked if it was a sign and he said Yeah! sex tonight, ladies and gentlemen! Woohoo!

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