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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Week Willed

So, Blogger added a kicky new add-on that lets you create a post in MS Word and publish.  I’m testing it out here…so far, all I can offer is that the installation is super fast and easy.

Work was hectic as usual.  Is it really Wednesday???  I am now officially a full-time underwriter and my boss passed our office today, stuck her head in and told me I was moving to a specific office on Monday morning.  A nice, big office all for ME.  I love it.  My first office.  With a door.  Sure, the walls are glass, but it’s still a good thing for me.  I will miss working in the same office with EH.  Right now, he’s an arm’s length from me.  When I move, he’ll be a few doors down.

Surely you’re tired of hearing about work, right?  Let’s move on.

The pregnancy test I took on Thursday said “No” again and broke my heart.  And, sure enough, my period started with a vengeance yesterday…so I am still sexless.  I am harboring a secret suspicion that I am reverting to being a virgin at this rate.  I know it hasn’t been that long, but it feels like forever!!!  I’m having overtly sexual dreams every single night.       

…and the week marches on.

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