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Monday, August 15, 2005

Service Me, Slave Boy!

Work was productive, if difficult today. My boss was ready to crack skulls from the get go this morning and I was relieved that she first came to me to brainstorm on what I felt were existing problems and solutions. During her hour long tyrade upon the entire staff, she repeatedly used my department as an example of how things should work and referred to me many times to help her clarify trouble spots in the company process. Basically, I felt managerial today.

By noon, I was handed a stack of files and told "Underwrite these". So, I guess my move to becoming an underwriter has begun.

I can't help but snicker remembering a comment many moons ago from my psycho stalker who challenged a post in which I stated that my work skills were at a high level and that I had the ability to learn things at an incredibly rapid pace. I only have to prove things to myself, but now and again it feels good to be proven right. After a grand total of 1 year and 3 months in the industry (not counting building the software we use) I have gone from mortgage processor, to processing manager, to department head and now moving to underwriter. It typically takes years to master processing before making a leap to underwriting. So....hah! (makes a raspberry noise at pyscho stalker).

I admit to getting crabby in the afternoon. The underwriting was a challenge considering my current position. Basically, if I encounter a problem with a file, I have to kick the file back to...well, myself, to solve. Not exactly possible, so my efforts required double duty. When my favorite top producing exec sauntered in with a cocky "Underwrite this!" I basically told him to "Bend Over". Eventually my co-workers began to theorize I wasn't getting enough at home.

Enough what? You know...enough!

How about any??? Between hectic schedules and EH fighting off some trace of virus, there's been no sex since sometime last week when I posted about the hot sex night! And yes it's wearing on me.

EH isn't looking much more energetic tonight and I'm beginning to make goo-goo eyes at the super economy package of AA batteries in my drawer.

But enough about me. How's YOUR sex life been?

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