The Odd Wife

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Un-Sunday

I managed to get some time with my boss yesterday, in the hopes of discussing the job change.  However, as I pulled into her driveway (an hour’s drive from my home) my cell phone rang from PlayBoy who had just left my boss’s house telling me he had worked some things out, not exactly what we discussed but still something and he asked me to not get into “too deep” a conversation about it.  With my real reason for going to her gone, I actually had to truly help her unpack!  I’m such a sucker…

Our daughter ended up spending the night there and my initial hopes of some sexy time with EH dissolved quickly during a tense and silent drive home.  I’ve been sensing some distance between us lately and when I broached it saying “I feel like we’re growing apart again” he snapped “Why?!?!” at me and I shut my mouth.  

Once home, we ended up in a nasty argument where he laid into me for ruining our day off together by dragging him out to my boss’s house.  So much for sex…again.  I slept on the couch.  Or rather, I tossed, turned, cried and sulked on the couch.

This morning, we sorted a bit of it out and I swore to dedicate myself to being with him and relaxing.  Easier said then done.  I had 8 phone calls, at least 3 lengthy ones and we went shopping for a vacuum cleaner.  We did manage to fit in sex…after 2 weeks without it lasted all of 3 minutes (with me finishing fast and first and him seconds behind).

My boss is now arguing that I can’t become PlayBoy’s assistant because EH wouldn’t like it.  Not quite what EH meant to convey, but still bad news…  I asked EH if he had any issue whatsoever with me working with PlayBoy and he assured me that he trusts me completely.  EH just wants me to balance work and ‘us’.  At the same time, I need EH to understand that we’ve lived in abject poverty for years and I finally have opportunities to leap and bound ahead.  I HAVE to take them, even if it means extra time working.  And I need him to understand and be supportive.

The way I’ve been supportive of him in the past.

I’m interested to see what PlayBoy’s offer will be tomorrow.  But, in the meantime I have 8 files waiting on me to underwrite them tonight and I’m already sleepy.  So much for R&R!

The Odd Wife

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