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Monday, August 22, 2005

My Monday

It was most definitely a Monday…

For starters, chaos struck and the office had to scramble to clear up our warehouse lines to prepare to fund several million in loans closing this week.  EH was pulled into another department leaving me alone for the majority of the day.

The moment I walked in the door PlayBoy pulled me into a conference call with a top client he was wooing.  I was pleased he had so much confidence in me, but perplexed when I was called upon to explain how we were going to best serve this client that I had never before heard of.  I think I managed, but was not at my best.

There was no time to have a conversation with PlayBoy beyond some light banter and chatting.  I was heroically struggling to take one of his deals from 1st base to home in record time and managed to actually get it done.  

During one break, PlayBoy asked if I was “going tonight”.

“Where?” I asked.

“To CB’s house for the private meeting.”

“I guess not since I haven’t heard about a private meeting.”

“Well, you’re a part of it, whether you know it or not.”


Me (hesitantly):  “You’ll look out for me, right?”  (These work situations get so mired in politics that you can be golden one moment and the office scapegoat the next…)

PlayBoy:  “Damn right.  And you’ll look out for me too, won’t you?”

Me:  “You know it”

PlayBoy:  “I’m counting on it”

I later learned that he was asked who he wanted on his team and he said my name.  When asked “Who else?”” He just repeated my name until they got the point.  Nicely done.

Well, the “private meeting” was moved to tomorrow night and CB called my cell to tell me to be there.  I’m not really looking forward to it since CB’s new house is 1 hour+ drive from home and the meeting will most likely go pretty late.  I am anxious to be a part of the meeting.  EH was very supportive of it all, thank heavens.  Wondering what it’s all about?  Well…some things you don’t even blog about until they transpire.  But there are some interesting plans in the works and I am honored to be a part of the brainstorming.

My EH…what can I tell you about my sexy man today?  How about how he knocked my socks off again last night with some late-night loving?  How we kissed and touched and whispered until my body was on fire for him.  Afterwards, clinging together and breathless I could only whisper, “That was NOT the sex of two people married for 10 years…”

That man does move me…

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