The Odd Wife

Monday, August 29, 2005

Day 5 at Camp Odd & Even

Well, the black out continues...we're still in the dark. The temperature in my living room is 90 degrees. And yes, I'm still miserable.

Work was a stress filled day of anxiety. I had lunch with PlayBoy and another co-worker and some of my worries were soothed over. The right people remain in my corner.

EH just ran home to free the heat-soaked pets, pick up SG and check on the power. While we're still in the dark, he does think he sees a tree crew in the area which is a brilliant beacon of hope. When my power is restored I plan to lower the a/c to about 60 degrees, take a steamy hot shower, blow dry and straighten my tangled mass of red curls and vacuum my poor, filthy living room which is strewn with dirt and leaves blown in and tracked in throughout the storm.

I'm deeply worried for the folks who just got Hurricane Katrina smacked into their front yards...

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