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Friday, August 26, 2005

Define "okay"...?

Well, we survived.

Hurricane Katrina came ashore pretty much on top of us and we were battered by the eyewall. Winds gusted to 95 mph and it was pretty spooky. We lost power within the first moments of the storm and waited it out in the dark, huddled in our living room and watching the trees crash down and debris whiz past from our window.

Occasionally we ventured outside for a closer look and dodged squall lines to check damages. We’ll post pictures as soon as we can.

We’re still without power. I’m posting this quickly by the power of a loaned small generator that will help us get through the night. Being without electric is particularly hard in the wake of a storm when the tropical air is heavy and humid and hot and mosquitoes swarm the night air.

We’re uncomfortable and cranky. A Scrabble game nearly led to bloodshed and we’re really hoping power is restored soon. Last year it took 9 days.

We drove for hours today to find an open gas station that still had fuel to fill our car. Premium only…that hurt the wallet a bit.

We escaped the house today when we couldn’t stand watching every eternal minute tick past and found an open mall way out west to browse and explore. For a few blissful hours we felt like normal people. But we’ve just arrived back home and treaded our tree debris strewn yard to our very dark house.

Time to run, the generator is precious and I’m afraid computer use is to be seriously limited. Thanks for the well wishes…keep your fingers crossed that we find ourselves back in the world of electricity, air conditioning and television again. And a running refrigerator would be bliss…

I’ll post the pictures when the power’s back.

Love to all.
Odd Wife

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