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Thursday, August 25, 2005

And Suddenly There Was a Hurricane

Just after weathering a metaphorical storm at work last week we now are faced with a tangible tempest right on our doorsteps. That's not hyperbole on our part either. If you look at any of the storm tracks on the news or the web the path of Katrina wavers for a time and then veers a hard left, straight for our house.

Overall there is little panic in these parts, even as the surprisingly quick formation of this storm now brings the promise of it strengthening to hurricane status just as it comes ashore on our shore. After a fusillade of cyclones ripping through this area last year it will take a Cat-3 or stronger to really get our attention. Hell, it was just a few weeks ago that a small tropical storm whipped up in our area and we managed to sleep right through it, despite there being 80 mph winds clocked about 1 mile from our home. Even so, we were let out of work by lunch and we have Friday off as well. Already we came home to a driveway littered with tree debris so tomorrow should prove a messy affair.

Word is that the heart of the storm "will make landfall" (a common phrase in these situations)around 8:00 pm and blow strong through tomorrow morning. Mostly we will get rain. Estimates run between 10 and 15 inches by Friday, a hearty dump of water. The Odd One is thinking about offering some pictures of what we shall endure, but I can promise this much--it won't be as bad as last year's trials.

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