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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Yeah, I'm cranky.

Really cranky.

We're still without power and by the looks of it, it won't be back on any time soon. We discoved a GIANT tree with a root system as big as our building toppled a few houses down right through the power lines. We've played this game before...the tree people won't touch the tree until Florida Power and Light (FPL) remove the wires and FPL won't touch the wires until the tree people cut away the tree. We're screwed...

We're not sleeping. It's too hot, too loud (generators), too many fumes (generators), too...everything. We can't leave the house for long either because we'd have to shut off the generator that gives us the tiny fan and the pets would be in heat stroke. With the fan, it's 85 degrees inside. Without - easily 90.

Showers are ice cold. Food is non-existant. Ice is more precious than gold.

And that bitch of a storm has turned monster and is bearing down on New Orleans. I have one word for the folks there..."run".

Hurricane Katrina smacked us as a Cat 1. It was the first direct hit I've ever experienced in my many, many hurricanes and it was scary. The aftermath is a pain in the ass and we barely got tickled compared to what she's about to do to the Gulf. Anyone who stays behind is a fool...

I'll post pictures soon...

There's another reason I am so bitchy.

This morning at 6:50 am marked the 1 year anniversary of losing Christian. Of giving birth alone and drugged in a dark, hospital room. Of being terrified to look under the sheet because I was so afraid I would find him still alive and dying in my hands. I miss you little man....everyday. I think my sanity wanes with every failed pregnancy test hoping to get him back.

Sorry for being so bitchy. Little sleep and heat and stress have made me unfit for humanity this weekend.

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