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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Calling all rodents

I wonder if I am sinking into a depression?

The world seems to be spinning at terminal velocity and I’m sensing that I’m trapped running like a forlorn hamster stuck in a spinning wheel. Not going anywhere fast.

The first pictures coming out of the Gulf Coast are nothing short of devastating. Bodies floating in the water. Homes submerged to the rafters. Stories of people trapped on rooftops, in buildings. Destruction everywhere. I’m speechless to put my thoughts into words. Thousands of people in the leaking, flooding, powerless SuperDome with no homes to return to. Will Louisiana ever be the same?

In my own small corner of the world, work was a 3-ring circus today. I’m still going to be spare on details, but it was bad enough that 3 top producers left before lunchtime to get seriously drunk and were foolish enough to return to the office before close of day. PlayBoy was the natural ringleader which should shock no one. I have to say that before you wrinkle your nose – they needed this. The problems we’ve been facing in the office are beyond ludicrous and these 3 truly were shut down for the day. Their only fault was (1) not bringing all of us and (2) coming back (drunk). I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.

Plan B continues to develop and I’m hoping to have something to tell you in one month.

With power restored, I began to clean the disaster area that is my living room. Mud, leaves, dirt, pet hair and whatnot has finally been removed from my carpeting. It’s almost inhabitable again.

EH has been wonderful, but I find myself so lost in juggling emotions, worries, stress and plans that I feel far away from him. I know I need to stop and reconnect, but I’m propelled by momentum and finding it hard to halt myself.

Meanwhile, the world spins on, doesn’t it? My little foolish mutterings don’t stop it. Hurricane Katrina didn’t stop it. The dramatic loss of life and home didn’t stop it.

What else can a blogger do but continue to run on the hamster wheel of life?

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