The Odd Wife

Monday, August 29, 2005

(Drumroll Please)

…and on the 5th night, the Gods said “Give Odd & Even light!”

And there was light.

And it was good!

47 minutes ago I had a pulsating migraine from stress and heat.  I gave up on being comfortable and climbed the stairs to our dramatically humid and sweltering bedroom.  Desperate to lie on my bed until the sick feelings passed, I reached for the generator powered fan on my dresser and twisted the dial.


Confused, I turned it again and the strangest thing happened…all the lights in the house popped on.  I was so dumbfounded that I just stared for a few seconds before I started screaming.


My a/c is cranked to 65 degrees and I’m sipping the Pina Colada that EH just whipped up in the blender from vanilla ice cream, Coco Lopez, rum and real pineapple chunks.  You haven’t had a Pina Colada until you make it by eliminating ice and substituting vanilla ice cream…pure bliss!

As I said earlier, work was trying.  An early conversation with CB gave me the sense that I might be getting edged out of the opportunity I keep alluding to.  I was stressed and worried and asked PlayBoy to have lunch together.  We did.  He was a complete ass through the whole thing – which he always is, but today it just grated on me – but he swore to me that he had all my concerns covered and that he would take care of me.  He’s going to be calling the shots, so I felt better.  If there ever was a person to keep close, he’s it.

And now, I’m watching the pictures coming out of the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Katrina and I’m humbled.  How obnoxious of me to whine about the power while people are clinging to rooftops with everything they own submerged below 15 feet of water and mud.  What a fool I am to be such a brat when so many are so very much worse off than me.  

I am truly sorry.  I am truly humbled.  My 5 days of misery were forgotten in the flash of the lights.  Their damages will last far longer.

Love to you all for tolerating me being such a crank.  I promise better days and hopefully details on the mysteries at work asap.

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