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Monday, September 05, 2005

Pieces of Me

Not all, but just bits have been recovered.

I vowed to avoid my co-workers this weekend, and almost did. There was a big cookout at CB's house Saturday that I 'ducked' and they suckered me by having PlayBoy and PlayBoy's young son "Trouble" call me to come out. I have a hard time saying no to PlayBoy, much less to Trouble, who I have a serious soft spot for.

So...we went. I got thrown, fully clothed, in the pool. Lucky for them I am a good sport or there could have been bloodshed.

The rest of the weekend was spent soul searching and winding down. Asking myself questions and deciding on some boundaries I need to set. Hopefully preparing for the week ahead.

I've slept a lot and still find myself tired. I've really run myself down.

I'm sure lacking for interesting things to say, aren't I?

Here's some fun I spotted while blog-wandering:

Here are 10 things about me. One of them is not true. Can you figure out which one is a lie?

1. I've participated in professional research of the paranormal.

2. I've been unfaithful.

3. I've exploded in a violent rage and struck EH.

4. I've lied on my resume.

5. I've been arrested.

6. I've had sex with a stranger.

7. I've had sex with a woman.

8. I've been in a movie.

9. I've danced on stage

10. I've seduced a married man.

So...which is the lie?

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