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Monday, September 12, 2005

Well...I didn't kill anyone


The day followed my predictions again. I anticipated a day of hostility and 'get to work' talk and was not disappointed. The day began with what was referred to as a "meeting" but was, in fact, a 1 hour long "fuck you" bitch session led by CB.

Basically, generalities were thrown about to infer that people were bitching, backbiting, gossiping, lying and leaving. She favored the room with dirty looks, nasty remarks and smart ass bravado. I never wanted to say "Fuck you, I quit" more in my life.

One girl had the misfortune to be out of the office today. She was bad mouthed, replaced and basically screwed. She'll show up tomorrow to discover her office, job and status of "flavor of the week" has all been usurped. Sadly, she's on a cruise and her 7 year old son is STAYING WITH CB.

One file was touted as an example of processing failure. The 'oversight' was a detail that an UNDERWRITER and not a PROCESSOR would be responsible to catch. She raved about how stupid it was to be missed in processing. That's a great way to foster morale. Find something and rather than discuss it with the employee (Hey, I underwrote this file and found this - just so you know, we can't do the file because of this) you should ABSOLUTELY announce it in a meeting and infer that the processor was stupid to miss it. EH was the processor. I thought he was going to flip her off.

I could go on, but what's the point??? CB skipped out of the office at 2:30 and didn't bother to respond to the messages or emails from brokers, leaving them frustrated and annoyed. Yeah. Us too.

Plan C is moving faster - mostly because we're prepared to do anything to get the hell out of this dump! PlayBoy, BestFriend M and NewCo-Owner are meeting tonight to hammer things out further. We had minor setbacks today in that investors we wanted to be set up with will take longer than we'd hoped - but at this rate, we don't care. We're prepared to jump ship regardless and deal with it.

I HATE my job. I hate the lies, the bullshit, the games, the manipulation. This isn't a workplace, it's junior high.



I feel better. I can't *wait* to get out and I know my future - now solid - is looking damned good.

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