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Monday, September 12, 2005

It is done...

Okay, so I got a few things off my chest earlier and felt better. I made spaghetti for dinner, more out of laziness than want, and didn't eat a bite of it.

The night took a turn when I surfed my channel guide and found THE PIRATE MOVIE on FX. I screeched and began dancing and singing my way around the living room prompting EH and SG to flee. I LOVE this horrible, cheesy musical. I sing every song, I recite the short, I am insufferable.

As it ended, my cell phone began it's musical ringing. PlayBoy. His meeting with the new venture must be ending.

Me: "Hey"

PB: "Hey!"

Me: "Did you just get out?"

PB: "Yep"

Me: "...and?"

PB: "We start Monday."

(screaming, laughing, cheering ensues)

We did it. We completely did it. 15 minutes into our conversation and my call waiting beeps to tell me G-man is ringing in. He too is beyond thrilled. The phone calls of "Thank you!" "Awesome job!" "Congratulations!" begin.

BestFriend M's cell is off (lazy girl) and I expect she'll be ringing in shortly to cheer too.

I'm on cloud 9. I can now tolerate the remaining days of bullshit while internally laughing at it all. Countdown, baby!

I'm too high to plan my exit strategy. Do I walk out? Resign nicely? Compose a nasty limerick to recite? Break into an impromptu musical number and sashay my way out the door?

Any talent want to come up with a parting song for me? Because the minute my paycheck hits on Friday morning, all bets are off and I'm walking off into the sunset!


I did it.

We did it.

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