The Odd Wife

Monday, September 19, 2005

ARRRRRRRRRR ya serious, Matey?

Yo-ho, yo-ho - a pirate's life for me! (Be sure to mouse over the pants pirate!)

We-e-ell! Shiver me timbers! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! If you need a wee bit o' help gettin' inta the spirit, ya can generate yer own blasted Pirate name here, ya scallywag.

Aye, t'is a fine day in this Wench's cursed life. Broward County schools are going to be closed tomorrow for Tropical Storm (soon-to-be) Hurricane Rita bearing down just south of us. A small jog will put this windy bitch right on top of us again.

EH and I survived day 1 of the new job, although PlayBoy is beginning to piss me off with his cavalier antics. His "distraction" better be over and gone by Wednesday or there could be hell to pay. Perhaps a long walk on a short plank would do the trick?

SG is packing to spend the night with a girlfriend and have a Hurricane Party. So, a night alone with my darling Pirate King. Would be even better if I hadn't just started my period. SO much for hot sex... Arrrrgh, the cursed red tide does conjure a miserable night for my Pirate King's swarthy ship.

CB and I exchanged emails today and are on the path towards righting things between us.

...and I came home tonight for the first time in months feeling non-stressed and pleased even with a sudden Hurricane looming again.

Arrrrgh, mateys.

Your Wench,
Odd Wife

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