The Odd Wife

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

So, about those signals...

Earlier I posted about signaling your lover that you wanted to have sex. Let's talk a bit more about signals.

At about 8 pm, EH sat on the couch watching tv. I crawled over, straddled him, kissed him and told him how I wanted him later that night. I got a lot of "Oh yeah?" and smiles. Later, in the kitchen, I scratched his back and he said "I'll give you an hour or so to stop doing that" and I responded with "Wait until you see what else I'd like to do to you for awhile".

We have a parent/teacher conference early in the morning, so we both knew it needed to be an early night. We watched Nip/Tuck and at the conclusion, I headed for the bedroom...

...and EH? Well, he didn't.

He went online, played on a website he's obsessed with, ironed a shirt, took out the trash and after 45 minutes he came upstairs. He went into the bathroom for another 15 minutes and finally, after over an hour had passed, he climbed into bed.


That's a pretty clear signal.

For the record, "No" would have worked too and probably done less to alienate me and irritate me.

I get it. Loud and clear.

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