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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Two for Tuesday

The post is called Two for Tuesday because I plan to post again later tonight with my Nip/Tuck ramblings.

The week progresses with work continuing to be a major focus. We had a bout of hot sex Sunday night and I took a moment to remind EH today that I was always ready for sex!

Matching people sexually is nearly as impossible as matching them romantically. Rarely do you get a perfect match in both areas.

Sexually, I wish EH was more demanding. Hounding me for sex. Trying to convince me to have sex even when I wasn't in the mood, because let's face it if I'm not in the mood, it really only takes a minute of two of touching before I am in the mood.

EH is a gentle lover. Never pushing, never demanding. As much as I appreciate that, I want to be pushed and demanded of. I want a horny husband.

It's odd because my best friend is forever complaining about her husband and his incessant demands for sex. I can understand how she might feel that way, but I can't help wishing EH was half as demanding. As it is, we have this subtle dance of foreplay. EH cuddles close to me in bed. I know that if he starts to touch my breasts he is in the mood, so I wait for that 'signal'. It's often annoying to be wondering if he'll move in that direction.

How do you let your spouse know that YOU are in the mood?

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