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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another Day, Another Heartache

And on it goes.

EH is still in pain and that causes me great pain. The truly ironic thing is that now he has a much greater concept of how I felt last year...except, of course, that I was pregnant. And that I had his affair chronicled in emails and blogged in great detail for my reading pleasure. I understand exactly how curiosity killed the cat.

But this wasn't about revenge. And it's not about PB. It's more about...well, me.

Tomorrow, in a cosmic matter of piss-poor timing, is EH's birthday. Feel free to drop him a birthday greeting at

The condo is working out nicely. We're still living in boxes and salvaging damp belongings from the rubble when we can. No cable, no dsl, no phone yet...everything is seriously backed up from the storm.

SG LOVES her new school - and I am really impressed with it myself so far!

This post sucks, I know. I tried...

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