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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Reality TV

For starters, readers - your comments, the good and the bad, mean the world to both of us. We're open to the criticism and we cherish the kind words. The emails are so touching...thank you.

But sometimes, one really stands out to you. I just received an email that I HAD to share with you immediately...the writer says this was posted on his own blog, so I am assuming (hopefully not incorrectly) that it's okay to repost here. (If not, let me know) I am so deeply relieved that someone read this and understood it. I openly admit I have good days and bad days. I make mistakes, I react from pure rage, I try things and sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail. I love your kind words, but I am just as open to your criticisms...even if they sting a little. Even if I argue them. Even if I get mad. It doesn't mean I didn't need to hear it.

Without further ado...(thank you so much for this)

Hey, I hope that this is cool. I read your blog this a.m. and was moved to respond, not only in a comment, but also on my own blog. Thanks for sharing your reality. For anything I got wrong here or misunderstood, please forgive- that’s the main reason why I didn’t include a link to your blogspot…
Hang in there, you guys.

reality tv
i read something amazing this morning.

as i was snooping around, exploring other people's blogs, i came upon a blog that was reality blogging at its best. no artsy musings. no vacation pictures. no swearing or chatspeak... just a captivating story of a man and a woman and the other woman. it read like a sequel: 'song of solomon- healing the seven year itch'

as far as i could tell, the moral failure took place about a year ago. however, rather than throw away everything that this couple had agreed to marry about in the first place, they stuck it out amidst mistrust, humiliations, accusations and misplaced questions from others about emotional stability.

from the sound of things, it hasn't been a smooth ride, but at a time when the 'for better' is honoured and the 'for worse' is disregarded, these two are holding on for dear life. although there are other characters in the saga- many who will advise, many who will criticize, many who will close their eyes to the love that still remains- the central theme is one of ongoing restoration. nothing in this life is a done deal; everything is a process.

was it a tad voyeuristic to read this? well i suppose it would be if someone had smuggled cameras into the private lives of these people and then splashed those lives all over the net for the curious to download. but the story that is unfolding is a public one of pain and patience, conscience and commitment. the openness is part of the healing. the blog was started by the wife in the story, but recently the husband has also begun contributing his spin, offering the readers a beautiful two-sided dialogue and discourse much like we see in so many reality tv shows. the difference is that, whereas there is some painful honesty, there is no back-stabbing.

so here i am, thinking about how i process things. how i forgive. how i pursue or accept forgiveness. and i am remembering scriptures which speak of indiscretions shouted from rooftops in times where nothing is truly private. and i'm finding myself returning again and again to, in my opinion, one of the most romantic movies i've ever seen: 'eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' and asking whether anything is actually big enough to overcome a heart committed to that connection that begins the very first time you say 'i love you' in the dark.

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