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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Randomness Before Our Break

There was a star sighting this morning, as uber-blogger Anna Marie Cox, the force behind WONKETTE, was on the Don Imus program. I’d be guessing she is working overtime this week with all the inaugural festivities. Curiously she spent the entire segment with her head turned sideways and her hair hanging down over her face, as if to preserve her identity, even though she is well known in the D.C. area. I was struck how her light hair and Elmer’s Glue complexion were in direct opposition to the illustration she uses as her site’s masthead.

I’m shaking my head over the confirmation hearings for Condeleeza Rice for Secretary of State. Barbara Boxer laid into Dr. Rice over the lack of WsMD in Iraq, insinuating that she misled the nation and basically lied to the public. Few in press pointed out that with the same information the esteemed Ms. Boxer was all in favor of attacking Iraq over this same issue when Bill Clinton said the same thing—while we are talking about misleading people.
Then John Kerry had his turn and he asked angrily why we hadn’t enlisted the help of nations like Germany and Russia in the Iraq debacle. Condeleeza calmly explained the various ways we had been working with both nations in the area, to which which the Man Who Was Almost President had to recover by saying essentially, “Well…they said they wanted to help more.” I assume if he had been elected he would have been better informed.

And a peek at things that annoy me—We have a carton of cookies here that says its made with, quote “Tropical Coconut”. Do they need to tell me that??!! I was so relieved they didn’t use that Siberian coconut…the flavor just isn’t the same.

And then there was the Trump news. That cagey romantic has managed to leverage both the wedding ring expense and the cost of his bride's wedding gown against time on his show, "The Apprentice". But the best part is that the rich couple--who could buy anything they damn well please--actually has a registry of opulent gifts for their guests to buy for themselves. Now what would I buy for a billionaire couple??? Maybe a gravy boat that costs as much as a bass boat?

Well it is off to The Magic Kingdom, or as I have always referred to it, Mouseschwitz. The hours in a truck with 3 over-stimulated youths should be zen-like. Think of us during your weekends....

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