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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

EH...Good Men make Bad Mistakes.

There is still some correspondence between myself and Bob's wife from time to time. They're both doing the best that they can, if you're worried. I had an inbox full of inquiries on their well-being.

Hearing her thoughts brings back so much. And makes me feel a strong urge to clarify something to the world.

Yes, EH made a very big, bad mistake last year.

Yes, there were lies.

Yes, he hurt me deeply.

Yes, the stress cost me dearly.

But this describes my husband in a 4 month period. I have been with him for 10 years. For every other moment of that 10 years, EH has been kind, caring, selflessly compassionate, loving, tender, honest and completely wonderful.

EH is the husband that other women wish they had. He comes as close to perfection as any man could. The lies and secrecy was a very small moment in our 10 years together and I truly believe it was the only time. The trust is coming back. He's earned it.

Despite what happened, I would describe EH as a man of great integrity and character. A man who cares about his family deeply and shows it at every turn.

Good men can make bad mistakes too. It doesn't define him. It only makes him a bit more human and a little less perfect. I'd still nominate him for best husband.

EH, I love you. Always have. Always will.

You make me believe in soul mates.

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