The Odd Wife

Monday, January 17, 2005

Take a picture, it'll last longer...

I like to be checked out. I enjoy knowing that for that brief moment, someone finds me attractive or sexy. It's an ego-boost. It's flattering. It's the reason I wear low-cut tops, short skirts and fishnet tights.

But, there is one man who makes me feel just...dirty.

He doesn't glance. He stares. And it's overt. And there's something about it that makes you feel violated. In conversation with him, he begins at my breasts and openly and slowly roams his eyes over my body like hands. It's undeniable and blunt.

It bothers me. There's something un-sexy about it. It doesn't flatter me or please me, it truly makes me feel as though I have just been groped by a ham-handed pig.

He's not an attractive man. He's short (compared to EH at 6 foot 6, who isn't???), squat and has a face that reminds me of a pig. And he wears suspenders every day. I refer to him as "Suspender Pig Boy".

Today, when I needed his signatures on 3 forms, he informed me that his fee would be a lapdance per signature.


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