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Monday, January 17, 2005

Nobody's Perfect

I'm slightly better today, but it was a tumultuous weekend! From good to bad to mediocre!

Friday night, after work, EH, SG and I had a nice dinner at Chili's. Saturday, I ran errands in the early part of the day, then EH and SG joined me for some shopping, and finally at 9 pm we went out for some impromptu bowling as a family. The funny thing is, EH and I are not bowlers. With the gutter-bumpers down, the three of us were evenly matched. It was not until the last ball rolled in the 10th frame that we could guess who would win. I won 2 out of 3...but not by much. My high score was 132.

And yes, there was sex. Good sex. One time. But one good time.

Sunday, however, found us bickering.

EH is many things. Kind, warm, loving, strong...but he does have his flaw. And unfortunately they can be problems. He lacks any sort of ambition or drive. He is content exactly where he is. So, while I obsess about buying our house - he's ambivalent. While I work hard and strive to get ahead, he just shows up at a low-paying job and ambles about. It's incredibly frustrating. Because while I am madly in love with him - I have goals. Not all of which are crazy...

I want a house. Two cars. A retirement fund. And sex. And a semi-clean home.

That's it. I'm easy.

So. We bickered. I think we got it out of our system.

Sorry I've been cranky. I think I am in major PMS mode. I've noticed it's worse since the baby.

Which reminds me...

Christian (the name we gave our son) was due to be born on January 27th. I'd like to commemorate that day as opposed to August 28th (day of premature birth/death). I've been thinking about making a stepping stone sort of memorial. That'll be a tough day for me...

Oh, did I mention how we woke this morning?

It's cold here now. A brisk 50 degrees! Brrrrr! Yeah, I know. You're laughing. But this is Florida. South Florida. Anything below 70 is really cold. Anyway, we slept with our windows open. At 6 am, I hear "Who's fucking pen is that in our truck? Because it's not mine! Who are you fucking?!"

Nothing like waking up to that. We have some weird neighbors. You would have thought she found sticky lace panties for the reaction.

Made our bickering seem a lot less crucial, so I snuggled close to his warm body and we chuckled together in the early morning light at the shrieking below our window.

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