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Friday, January 14, 2005

Not tonight dear, I have...spite

Crankiness is setting in.

It's been 5 days since I last had sex. (Sure, Monday I spent the night pleasing EH but there was zero reciprocation for me, so I'm not counting it.)

Ok. Tuesday we had an argument. Wednesday I was tired and went straight to sleep. Last night I put on the sexy, sheer black-on-black pinstriped French negligee trimmed with a pink satin ribbon just below the breasts with the low cut tiny triangular top that always manages to slip to the side exposing a nipple...I brushed my teeth extra hard to be sure my breath was wintery fresh...I put on a little perfume...I fluffed my long red curls.

I thought it was a done deal when he put on "Busty Cops" on Cinemax, but we both got lost in critiquing what had to be the WORST porn ever...and, nothing happened.

I stroked him. He responded by getting nice and hard. But...nothing.

I turned my back to him, pressed close and wiggled to feel the length of him against my ass. Nothing.

He went to sleep.

What the ...?

Did I stop being sexy overnight? He knows no-sex makes me cranky.

Maybe I'll be too cranky to have sex with him all weekend.

That's it. No blow jobs or hand jobs for two weeks. I can be mean too and he's abused my generosity.

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