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Friday, January 14, 2005

News of Bob


I have news. I received a sweet and heartfelt e-mail from Bob's wife. You called her BW or A. She invited me to share the update with those who love and miss Bob and I'm going to quote a few snippets that should appease the masses.


"bob retracted from this virtual world all on his own. i DID mean it when i said i would not take it away from him - what would that have proved? we live our lives freely - we make our own choices, or mutual choices. this was his to make, and he made it."

"i am concerned for him though. i think he tried to go "cold turkey", and it pains him. he, too, considers you a friend. it is too hard to just be cut off from emotional ties. he thinks his choice was "them or me". but that's not the issue at hand."

"anyhow - i thought you might want to know that he is doing ok; that he's not at the hands of godzilla; that somehow our love for each other will get us through this horrible, horrible time in our lives. he misses you all, i can tell."

"there were some other people who had left some very heartfelt comments to bob- i can't reach them because the posts are gone now, but feel free to pass his regards to them."

That's all that seems right to share. I was disgusted with the Bob's Wife Bashing that took place on another blog in the comments and I won't have it happen here. Any negative comment regarding either Bob or his wife will be deleted the second I spot it because I will take it very personally. Period. Bob was a blog friend. Someone I respect. And I know only too well what his wife's shoes feel like right this minute thanks to my own experience with it. Any nasty comment directed her way feels like it's directed at me too because it wasn't so long ago that I was in her shoes and I was attacked by the bitch involved with EH on her blog for months.

It's just a little ironic that many of you read that blog. I see your comments there. Small world, isn't it?

Sorry, I'm getting bitchy now, I know. Lack of sex and remembering my own anger and pain are getting to me. Sorry, darlings. I love you, but you know I'm far from perfect and from time to time I will misbehave! :)

Forgive me?

Whew. That was supposed to be a simply, straight message to you from Bob and I got all swept away in it. You see how that pain and anger lingers? It's buried way down deep inside until some memory or experience sets it off and then I'm like a firecracker.

Blame the red hair. Blame my Irish/Scottish heritage. Blame my wicked temper. EH says I'm passionate about everything...and unfortunately that includes my rages. :)

I've been very naughty today. I'm going to put myself in the penalty box for 2 minutes for roughing. Damn, I miss hockey.

I'll be back when I can play nice. Or nicer.


***Updated note: No worries to those who wonder if they offended me in the past! If you did, be sure I would have bitched loudly about it! I'm like a firecracker...I go off with a big bang and a little puff of smoke...then I fizzle out (wow, come to think of it, that could describe me in bed too...) But if you insulted me or pissed me off, I would have definitely remarked on it! LOL.

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