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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

OW's Libido

Turnabout is fair play, right?

So, since EH bared his soul - I feel compelled to join him. Anytime EH bares something, I am always ready and willing to participate!

So, you heard EH's story of sexual libido. It's true. When he's busy - and he's always busy - weeks, months can pass without him even noticing there's no sex.

Now me...I'm a slut. A total tramp. And I always have been. I always will be. If I was single, I'd be a menace to society. Before EH I was a menace to society.

I became fascinated with sex at an early age and was an avid reader of the Penthouse magazines I found hidden in a drawer. I loved the reader stories. I lost my virginity by the age of 14 to a boy who was just a friend...we agreed to just 'get it over with' and we carried on a 'fuck-buddy' relationship for years.

I became downright wanton after high school. Experimenting in my powers of seduction to see what the effects would be. I excelled in this area. To this day, I now do it unconsciously as a second nature - but I've been told that I ooze sex appeal and that it shows in the way I hold myself, my eyes, the tilt of my head, the raised eyebrow, the smirks. It is remarkably true that no man has ever turned me down when I asked and even more true that given a small amount of time, every man I meet will eventually make a pass. I can honestly say that I have mastered the art of seduction. I used to be very proud of this. Now it's a useless skill. EH is immune to my games. He just gives me the benefit of the doubt.

I've broken hearts - hell, I've broken men and never had mine broken until EH last year.

I fell in love with EH because he was a challenge to me. I was attracted to him as a conquest and when he resisted, I became more intrigued. Obviously I did seduce him in the end, but in the process I lost my heart to the one man I could never tame or break. EH is the only man who can "manage" me and we're both well aware of it.

Any other man...well, heh. They might first be thrilled with my sex drive and the fun side of me...but, eventually they have to put up with my quirks. When I suddenly can-can dance across the living room during a football game. When he comes home from work to find me mid-press conference for a website I put up that he knew nothing about. When I insist on going to his parents house in gothic morbid thread tights, a mini skirt and a low cut top and show his straight-as-an-arrow parents my butterfly tattoo. All true stories. I'll drive a man crazy in more ways than one, let me tell you...

Thank the stars I found a man who likes a little crazy.

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