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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

EH's Libido

It has been asked of myself to lay out the specifics of The Even Husband’s libido, in light of my dynamic bride’s reporting of her own rapacious sexual appetite. If I had been sat down a year ago and someone told me that I would be detailing my sex life on the web for anonymous hordes, I would have told Dr. Ruth to shut up. But here I am spilling on my bedroom milieu.

It has been an issue in the past between the two of us. I’ll admit that I do not fit the normal male stereotype of being in a state of perpetual readiness. If we are going through a time of high activity with little free time I can go for extended stretches without the lateral tango. It has been discussed at length and even She has to admit that with appropriate application we have broken my atypical tendencies and turned things around in the past year and have become extremely active compared to most couples at our mile marker. She may dispute this statistic, but I have heard the words emanate from her own mouth as she marveled at our frequency and depth of passion.

True, TOW is rather insatiable at times—it is no exaggeration. What gets the short shrift (NO comments) lately is my own sexual drive. The main problem is that of perception. What mostly is happening is that she initiates more often, and that leads to her feeling as if I am either apathetic or incapable. Key word there—feeling. It is rare when I get approached by the lovely one where I do not play along. The issue of contempt with us revolves around my lack of initiation. This gets regarded as everything from my not caring, to disinterest, to not finding her attractive, to a diminished sex drive.

This last one is a factor that has recently been brought to the fore because I was placed on a new anti-convulsive medication. For the first few days I was in a literal fog; my personality was tamped down, along with physical torpor and then it was found that I also had drive problems on top of it all. My overall metabolism has crashed enough that I have poured on the pounds and have acquired curves on my angular frame. That was when Odd One researched things and discovered that this is the #1 side effect of this drug: wasn’t any confetti being tossed in the house that day, as you may guess. But while she was going through a morbid meltdown I told her to give it some time and see how things develop. The good thing is I have adjusted and now feel back to my usual energy levels. As evidence, read back to the post from last weekend when the two of us went at it with enough fervor that we had to back away from each other come Monday.

Still, my drive is an issue, and it may be for some time. The good side of it is that this is not a performance problem. Once underway I am in for the ride, and TOW will admit that once underway I have admirable stamina. I guess we will have to keep working on things…although calling it work does seem inappropriate.

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