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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Have some love you from me. Except you. And you. But the rest of you, sure!

The day has shaped up to be rather nice. Even if Blogger just ate my last post.

Who'da thought?

The emails were wonderful. Thank you. :) You all know who you are and you made my (our) day with your kind words and support. The subject is closed right now because I'm in a great mood and plan to stay that way for awhile!

I'm very excited. Today is the day before the FOUR GREATEST DAYS! 3 days at Disney World with my best friends and family and my birthday! Yay!!!

I'm sure I will be chock full of things to say Monday :)

We're sharing a hotel room with our 8 year old daughter, so it'll be a sexless weekend...damn. We're going to have to get all the hot sex out of the way tonight and settle for middle of the night, locked shower, quiet sex the rest of the time.

EH...what can I say? The looks, the touches, your eyes and smile these past days. I am such a smitten kitten. You are...everything!

My mother turns 50 tomorrow. I turn 32 on Monday! Yay! Yay! I'm going to be a birthday princess!

Send presents.

Seriously, love to you all.

Except you.

And you.

But the rest of you - I'll miss you!

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