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Monday, January 24, 2005

They're Ba-a-a-ck....

...And one of us is a birthday princess today!

The weekend trip had it's moments, but it was wonderful overall. We stayed at Disney's Pop Century Resort which hands-down wins the tackiest hotel award. You just can't define tacky until you're standing next to a building adorned with a 3 story perfect replica of a Big Wheel bike and covered in giant mood rings. We had a disco wallpaper border, so of course - I loved it.

Disney was a blast. We began in Animal Kingdom and spent the rest of the day in MGM. Aerosmith's Rock n' Rollercoaster is indescribably amazing and fun. It's advertised as "0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds" and damned if that's not true. In line, you can see the cars take off and they just become this blur before your eyes. It's crazy, but the ride is silky smooth without a bump or jerk. I loved it. The Tower of Terror was my all-time favorite. The hotel is so detailed and beautiful and the drop is a sensation like no other.

The Fantasmic show is breathtaking. Yes, I cried. I was so in awe. I love the beauty of the lights, the fire, the music and my favorite characters.

Sunday was all about the Magic Kingdom, of course...still my very favorite.

My favorite Disney character is the Wicked Queen from Snow White. Her beauty is breathtaking and I love her 'wicked' attitude. She was in a parade at MGM and I was jumping up and down and waving and blowing kisses at her. She gave me the dirtiest look and it was as if George Clooney had blown me a kiss! I mean, really - if she had smiled and waved back I would have lost all respect for her. Stay in charcter, people!

The company was good. EH was the very best. He looked smoking hot the entire time and was suave and smooth and attentive and everything I love. SG had some cranky moments, but we got past them. I did harbor a strong desire to firmly discipline my best friends children about 794 times. She's a genius. She could solve that pesky world hunger problem with the proper authority, but parenting is not necessarily her strongest point. She lets those children get away with murder. I love her, so I'll shut up now...

The temperature dropped quickly Sunday night and we were freezing. We headed home and arrived snug in bed by just past midnight. Exhausted.

I got some super-cool souveniers. A 'Nightmare Before Christmas' license plate for my car that is awesome. It's black and purple with Jack Skellington's skull-head between the words "Nite" "Mare". I love it. It's going to look smashing on my black car. I also got a black, long sleeved t-shirt with Skellington on the front and his skulls down the left arm. EH and I are sharing that one. And, a Wicked Queen enamel pin plus a Jessica Rabbit enamel pin. EH thinks Jessica Rabbit represents me, which is certainly amusing. My good pal, Grabby Man (who of course was present), pointed out that there is one slight difference between me and Jessica. She's not bad, she's just drawn that way. EH liked that and agrees. Apparently being a bad girl is appreciated in my neck of the woods.

We retrieve our Retriever tonight. Our labrador retriever, that is, from his Canine Camp. I'm dying to see him. Coming home and not being attacked with 85 lbs of love makes for a lonely welcome.

But Scarecrow, I think I missed you most of all.

Fun was had but it is good to be back! EH is planning to make me an all-request meal! Once I digest the lunch my co-workers bought me I'll get to deciding what I'd like. I got tons of cards and little gifts and flowers here at work. It's nice to be loved!

Mostly, I'd just like to take a bite out of EH. Damn, that man makes my mouth water.

Love to you all and THANK YOU for the birthday wishes, comments, emails, ecards and all!

I love attention on my birthday! :)
(as opposed to the other days when I still expect the world to revolve around me)

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