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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


EH and I discussed things last night regarding the 'newest attack' from the other woman. There is a long list of things I would like to address and respond to in her accusations, but then we remain in the pattern of present. She does/says something nasty to me, I do/say something nasty to her. And thanks to blogs and internet technology, we both have enough ammunition and information to take this thing to extremes. And before you know it, you aren't reading about this on a blog, you're reading it on CNN.

It seemed appropriate from our side to take a different approach. EH began this mess and EH wishes to be the one to have the final say on our side. And then it truly is done for us. While I maintain that I will discuss my thoughts and feelings at will, I will also temper my statements regarding her.

A person with a capacity for great love and passion also has a capacity for great hatred. I have never hated the way I have come to hate. This was another topic of discussion last night. It is far easier to hate than to hurt. And I have let hatred soothe the hurt. The only problem is that with time - hatred grows while hurt fades.

It's time to deal more with the hurt than the hate. We'll see what comes of this.

This is over. EH made his choice and it was me. No matter what trouble or pain others try to cause, that doesn't change. I still win. There is no motivation for continuing to try to remain in our lives. The choice was made.

With that mess cleaned up, we want out of it. The harassment from the other side needs to stop now and we will not say or do anything further to provoke the attacks. If we have to continue down this road, it will be through legal channels.

I do accept my part in this war. I blog as a sort of diary and that includes my feelings on what happened and this woman. And those are not pretty feelings. Because I have kept it anonymous and have not identified her to you, that should be allowable. But she reads this blog. And it just provokes her. And that is not conducive to keeping the peace.

With that, EH feels that he needs to be the one to end it - so below is his post.

- OW

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