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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


As many know the past week or so has seen a volley of terse words being bandied about the blogosphere between my wife and the woman I had been involved with last year. This situation has been more than a strain for our marriage and we have been gradually building ourselves back up to a stronger than ever level, a testament to TOW’s strength of character, but it is a character that has been called into question.

Part of our rebuilding process involved my wife creating this blog as a way of dealing with what transpired, a practice many others do on a daily basis. She graciously invited me after some time to partake with her on this site as a way to further meld our union. I had trepidations at first, but I have warmed to the idea and now wish I could join in more often. Nonetheless I do have to address things in a direct fashion now, so I send this out towards the woman I had been involved with:

To start, thank you for the decision regarding your archives on your site; it goes farther in helping than you know. We truly are on a path of strong recovery and, like yourself, we are looking ahead and would rather not be dragged back to a time when things were bleaker.
There has been tension passed between yourself and my wife of late, and in my view I don’t see it as necessary. She is the one who needs to deal with my actions, and her words on this blog are one method which I support in that process. She has been labeled at times as being unstable or untruthful. These appellations are completely wrong, but more than that, they are misdirected. I was the one who had acted in a dishonorable fashion and thereby feel it is inappropriate for my wife to have her honor called into question. If there are slings and barbs to be pitched they should be aimed at me. She is the victim in this and needs to deal with the ramifications in her way. I was in the wrong and therefore I belong in the crosshairs, not my wife.
One other objection I have to raise is towards the man with which you are currently involved. His opinion is one thing, but I have to take issue with his weighing in on this ordeal when it predates him measurably and he has no empirical basis with which to lecture my wife on how to cope, and by what timetable. What transpired a year ago should have no effect on his condition today, which therefore requires no involvement at all from himself.
It has been stated by all parties that they/we wish to move on from this point and to set the things in the past. We are all on a new course with our lives and I agree that nothing is to be achieved with bringing up items we have moved beyond. I truly appreciate your decision regarding your archives, and for any further discretion.

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