The Odd Wife

Friday, January 28, 2005

To Do List...

1. Shower
2. Living Room
3. Kitchen
4. Bedroom
5. Courtyard
6. Stairs

Maybe that list should have been more aptly titled "Places to do it". "It" as in it.

The ladies-days are behind me. The trip to Disney is over. The work-week has ended. A solid weekend of simple things around the house to do.

So, I'm thinking lots and lots of sex. Sweet, soft sex. Crazy, upside down Tarzan and Jane sex. Scary, mysterious voodoo sex. Funny, tickl-ey clown sex. You name it. I'm up for it.

I hope EH has taken his vitamins this week...we're overdue for some marathon sex.

Go get some of your own, and have a great weekend! Except for you. And you. But everyone else - go get it.

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