The Odd Wife

Friday, January 28, 2005

Looking forward to...

The little things.

This weekend would be dull be anybody else's standards. It looks like we will finally get the water heater repaired (about damned time...) tomorrow morning. Tonight will be spent watching movies and TV while moving furniture and preparing for the repairs.

Tomorrow...repairs, more housework. Laundry. Movies. TV. Possibly a brief stint in the park with our dog and child. a carpet cleaning contraption and try to restore the carpeting to pre-flood conditions.

Dull, right?

But you won't see the curling up together on the couch and giggling while tossing popcorn at each other. And you won't see us laughing when too many suds flow from the carpet cleaning machine. Or when I rat-tail whack EH on the bottom while folding towels. Or us lying side by side in the brilliantly green grass at the park while our labrador romps with our daughter. You won't see the tender looks when we lie in the dark, facing each other and not saying a word. You won't see EH sneak up behind me to cop a feel while I wash dishes (I still don't get that one...) You'll miss the look of content on our faces when we drop on the couch late Sunday night and survey the newly cleaned house with satisfaction.

Still, I'm really looking forward to our dull weekend together. Somehow those are the most special ones of all.

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