The Odd Wife

Friday, January 28, 2005

La-La-La-La-LA Means I Love You

It just doesn't change. Sometimes I get upset with him, I get frustrated, I get angry or hurt and still I look at EH and I just love that man with everything I have. That never changes.

With things being what they've been this week, EH has been sick over it all. I can tell when he looks at me that he's waiting for me to throw up my hands and say I'm tired of it all and walk away. Never.

This morning, in the office, chatting with the receptionist in the kitchen. I say, almost to myself, "I miss EH". Receptionist asks where he is and I reply "Work". It's not as if he's on a trip or away...or as if I hadn't seen him just an hour or two ago. But still, I miss him even now.

Lying beside him, snuggled close when we fall asleep. Whispering to each other. Sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas...focused on us entirely. Wrapped up in each other after so many years.

EH feels like home to me...

And that never changes.

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