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Monday, January 31, 2005

She Bop

For reasons of which I am not aware TOW had nervous reservations about me reading of her ononistic attempt in the tile room yesterday. As free and open as she is I have certainly had moments to bare witness to that activity, either solo or while we are together. The only question I have regarding her getting up from the computer so she could finger the touch pad on her laptop is that any time I speak with her during the day she is always too busy and swamped with work. At the very least she had her hand(s) full.

It had to be carryover from the weekend. Between a lengthy wrestling match with a water heater, (as she detailed) and our carving through the first discs of the “Alias” Season One DVDs we spent a fair amount of time shopping, both for necessities and frivolities. And grateful was I that on both lengthy sojourns we managed to include relatively crucial negligee purchases. One was a nice black camisole with pink underwire piping—pure her. The next day I am proud to say that we spotted a corset shaped camisole--proud because we each found the same item independently. Agreement is 50% of the formula to nightwear success. (It may look fantastic, but if she doesn’t wear it all you have is a satin and lace toilet seat cover.)

Which leads to my humorous TOW moment of the weekend. We traded thrills—me enjoying the nighttime romp and she having the morning advantage—and this led to a day of shopping and chores. Late in the day I passed her in the kitchen and she tried to get a backdoor slider over the plate. She had this look of mild concern as she tells me, “You know, I just don’t seem to have any drive left in me, and I thought we’d be tearing each other’s clothes off all weekend. But now I just don’t feel it.” I comment that it may have something to do with the orgasm she had that morning, but she assured me it was not the case, she simply had nothing.

Barely an hour later with our daughter singing to herself in the bath we were testing physiological logistics in the kitchen while tending to boiling pots. So I think she is fine.

***(Later) Side note: By the final few words of the above post, I was already taking EH in my mouth and he was forced to cut his posting short. Pardon the abrupt ending, but neither of us is capable of being apologetic. Mmmm-mmm-mmm!

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