The Odd Wife

Monday, January 31, 2005

Pet Me & Pet Peeve...

sasspout I don't know what has gotten into me in the past hour. Maybe sushi has turned out to be an aphrodisiac. Maybe I'm thinking about EH too much. Maybe a few sexy blogs drew me in a bit...

Either way, I had the urge to slip into the ladies room for a few minutes...if you know what I mean.

Solo Coitus Interruptus! Which brings me to my pet peeve du jour...

What the fuck is the deal with the new trend of using a cell phone WHILE you pee in a public restroom. That is just totally obnoxious and disgusting...not to mention heinously rude to the other people in the stalls. Lately it seems like every time I use the restroom, some socially retarded bimbo is yammering away on her cell phone while peeing. Nice multi-tasking, princess!

So much for satisfaction. She was taking forever in her very dull conversation, so I flushed the toilet 87 times and left.

And now I'm cranky...


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